Reward Program

     At Better Deals Depot not only do we believe that customers should be able to get their hands on bargains but should also be rewarded for signing up and for every time that they purchase from us.  We feel that the ongoing support of our members should be rewarded with ongoing benefits.

     Our Reward Program offers reward points for every $15 that is spent in our store.  You can accumulate your reward points to be spent instore whenever you're ready.  Points can be redeemed on any order which is $10 or more and you decide if you only want use some points to part-pay or use all your points to fully pay for that order (providing you have enough points).  You have complete control over just how many points you wish to use.

     There are three group levels that members can reach which is shown on the table below.  Everyone who signs up begins at the Bronze Level with each level determining the amount of rewards points you receive.  Each time you place an order will take you closer to the next level, the higher the level the more points you receive per $15 spent.  For instance, if you are in the Bronze Group Level and spend $30 dollars on an order you will receive 2 points, but if you are in the Silver Group Level you will receive 4 points.  The higher the group level you are in, the more points you get.  The best part is that as long as you remain a member at Better Deals Depot you will always keep the level you reach and the points you accumulate.........for life.


Rewards Program
Bronze Group          0-5 Orders            1 Reward Point per $15 spent.
Silver Group 6-10 Orders. 2 Reward Points per $15 spent.
Gold Group 11 -15 Orders   3 Reward Points per $15 spent.


Please Note:  Reward pioints are non transferrable.



How To Redeem Points

When you want to redeem some of the reward points you have accumulated over time simply follow the steps below:

1. After placing items in your cart proceed to 'View Cart'  (not to checkout).

2. This will take you to a page asking 'What Would You Like To Do Next?'.  Once on that page choose the 'Use Reward Points' option.

3. You can then enter the amount of points you wish to use in the section stating 'Points to use'.

4. Once you have decided how many points you would like to use, click on the 'Apply Points' button.

5. You will then be taken to the checkout process where the deduction will have been added to your invoice.  If you want to use points to only pay a certain amount off your order (eg, only to pay 50% off) then the remaining amount to be payed will then be displayed on your invoice.