Beer Savers Bottle Caps (6 Pack)

Beer Savers Bottle Caps (6 Pack)
Beer Savers Bottle Caps (6 Pack) Beer Savers Bottle Caps (6 Pack)
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Beer Savers Bottle Caps  (6 Pack)
     Don't you hate it when you put your bottle of beer on the table to check on the bbq only to turn back around and see insects have crawled in?  Or not knowing who's beer is who's when they've been left on the table?  Maybe something's come up and you can't finish it but don't want to throw it out either.......that's when Beer Savers Bottle Caps come in handy.  These plastic silicone caps are a great way to keep those pesky little critters out of your bottle of beer and with each packet coming with 6 different colours, you can easily tell who's bottle is who's.  If you should need to place your opened bottle in the fridge, put one of these caps on fast and easily.  They are dishwasher safe making them reusable and easy to clean and although they say Beer Savers, the fact is they can be used on wine bottles, cider bottles..... or any regular bottle neck (collar).
Product Features:
  • 1 x Pack of Beer Savers Bottle Caps
  • Six different colours in each pack (as shown in picture)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Reusable: Simply wash and reuse.
  • Dimensions: Fits standard bottle size (such as stubby, etc)
  • Great for keeping bugs out and keeping beer fresher for longer in the fridge. 

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