C64 Mini System Console

C64 Mini System Console
C64 Mini System Console
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C64 Mini System Console
The worlds best selling home computer - Reborn!
    Head back to the 80's with this classic retro version of the Commadore 64 personal computer.  At the time this system boasted a whopping 64KB of RAM.  This 50% scale replica will bring back the memories of your childhood.  It features high definition output via HDMI, the C64 joystick and 64 built in games like Boulder Dash, California Games, Nebulus and more.  Please Note: An AC adapter is required so as to be able to plug the USB cable (come with the pack).  You will need a 5V/1A output AC adapter with USB port .
  • 1 x C64 Mini System Console.
  • 1 x Controller.
  • 1 x HDMI Cable.
  • 1 x USB Power Supply Cable.
  • 64 Pre-installed Games Included.

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